Silver Hair Color Ideas

Silver is a look that many women (even older ones) can carry off very well and if you are hoping to change your look this year and try something new and different going gray may just be the way to go.

If you want a dramatic bold look then adding blue or purple to silver can be a great way to get one, whether you achieve the look by dip dyeing or by adding different colored extensions.
Short hair can really pop when you add a silver tinge to it, as normally blonde rocker Pink proved recently.
Reality star turned TV fashionsita Kelly Osbourne is a recent convert to the silver trend but as you can see she is proving that silver hair does not have to be wild to be wonderful and that it can be classically elegant as well.
Chunky black and silver is a look that Christina Aguilera sported several years ago but it would still be right on trend today.
This look features green roots poking through the silver – a very striking look for those who really want to stand out.
This silver blue look is great for a shorter haircut as it adds depth and style to an already very chic look
If anyone can carry off the silver look with style it is Victoria Beckham. Here though she goes for a blonde toned look that is red carpet ready and completely high fashion.
Why should silver just be for the ladies – guys can look great with the look too.

If you want to add even more sparkle to your look tinsel can do the trick ( you will probably have to go to the salon to get tinsel hair extensions though, they are hard to find in store)