Hot Trends for Hair – Silver Hair Dye

Silver hair – makes you think about your dear old Granny right? Well that may once have been the case but silver hair is in fact becoming very much a trend amongst the young and fabulous – just ask the likes of Lady Gaga, Pink and Kelly Osbourne.

It is possible to to get the silver tressed look yourself and go gray at home but it does take a bit of work and more than a little patience! However if you are ready for a change here’s just how its done:

  • Getting Started with a Bleach Out

The first step to silver hair is to strip your hair of all the color it has now. This can be achieved – even on dark hair – with a high lift bleach. You can usually buy a good one for less than $5 at a local beauty supply store (the ones in the drugs stores tend not to be strong enough)

  • Get Toned

Unless you take the time to put a toner on your hair before you go gray the yellow will show through – leaving you looking more brassy than classy. A blue or purple tone is best and again – you’ll find some good ones at the local beauty store.

  • Going Gray!

Finally its dyeing time! There are a lot of great silver shades out there to choose from but our favorites include:

Redken Shade EQ 08T silver – A great cool choice without any brassy overtones. Good for a first timer.

Framesi FramColor 2001 Hair Coloring Creme USA 12.62 Ultra Lift Silver – This is a pro color but most beauty supply stores do carry it, especially now that the silver look is so in vogue right now. Its a high lift color that leaves you with a cool silver result without any yellow.

FanciFul – Fanciful is an inexpensive temporary color rinse you can find at most drug stores for less than $5. There are several silver great shades but Ultra White Minx is our favorite. The great thing is though that you can try all of them because the results are not long lasting.

A Few Words of Warning

Bleaching out hair that is already dry or damaged can really make matters much worse so you might want to stick to a toner or go the professional route and head to the salon instead. Your skin tone makes a difference as well – if you naturally have dark skin and dark hair silver is a look that you can carry off, but it might be more of a change than you can handle!