Hair Color Ideas 2012-2013 – The Latest Trends (w/ pictures)

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that trends in hairstyling and dying have become increasingly more bold and daring with each passing month. Celebrities and hairstylists alike are trying to one-up each other in order to “wow” the crowd, gain attention, and assert themselves creatively. With that burst of innovation in the hair world, we are left with a plethora of colors and styles to choose from.

Journey with me as I attempt to sum up a small fraction of the thousands of hot styles that have graced heads all over the globe this past year. From chocolate browns to purple-tinted grays, you’ll be running to the salon for a completely different color that you never would’ve dared to try in years previous.

Grey Hair – Surprising to many, grey hair has made an appearance on the heads of many trendy young adults in the past year. Girls in their twenties are donning a shade that most 30-50 year olds wouldn’t dare attempt. Now it’s up to you to decide whether or not this trend is here to stay.
Bombshell Red – This “bombshell red” is the sexiest color of the year, with it quickly becoming the most coveted shade by women all over the globe.
Butter Blonde - It’s naturally buttery hues look great with any skin tone! This classic shade is one that will be worn for years to come!
Ombre Hair - Ombre hair is becoming one of the hottest trends of the past year, and one definitely worth mentioning in this trend round-up. This look is relatively easy to maintain, leading to its extreme popularity.
Mahogany - Mahogany is a rich mix of red and brown, to create one unique hue that will suit just about anyone!
Ultra-Dark brown - Megan Fox’s sexy tresses are envied by mass amounts of women. To achieve this look, add subtle auburn highlights to an ultra-dark shade of brown.
Purple Grey - This purple-tinted grey hair is the retro-punk variation of the trendy grey hair (mentioned above).
Two-toned Brown and Blonde- This sexy combination of light blonde tresses atop sleek brunette has been, and will remain, quite popular among the younger generation of women.
Jet Black- More and more women are embracing their dark side with this mysterious shade. Its alluring hue and sleek shine (when cared for properly) are an instant hit with average women and celebrities alike.
Dip Dye- This youthful trend has made a loud statement in trends this past year! A whole rainbow of colors have graced the tips of many locks, making an unconventional statement.
Strawberry Blonde- Everyone seems to be trying out this red-tinted variation of the classic blonde! It’s Old Hollywood appeal has everyone racing to the salon for an update.
Ash Blonde- Ash blonde is subtly grey in hue, giving it that ashy color.
Chestnut Brown- Chestnut brown is definitely the most popular brown hair color this season. It’s a sleek and sultry color, with little maintenance required.
Beige Blond – This champagne-colored hair is one of the hottest new trends, with Taylor Swift boosting its popularity on the red carpet. Much less bleaching is required for this shade than other blonde colors, making it very easy to accomplish. (Photo Source/© Getty Images)
Platinum Blonde- This icy shade has been used for quite some time, only recently making its way into high fashion. Its extreme blonde shade is best suited for a confident woman who’s not afraid to take risks.
Artificial Red- Rihanna has been rocking this artificially red, amping up her pop look and grabbing the attention of everyone. Many people have decided to follow in the starlet’s footsteps and do this shade (slightly reminiscent of Little Mermaid, don’t you think?).
neon hair Neon Hair - Liven up your locks with the 90′s inspired hair color. This messily bleached style gradually blossoms into a full neon hue at the tips.
pastel hair Pastel Hair – These pastel blues complement each other marvelously, for a head of hair the color of a summer sky. The hair color ideas of 2012 are really amped up a notch on the creativity level, and this is just one example.
blue hair Blue HairThis inky blue is perfect for a daring lady wanting to channel her inner mermaid. It’s so vibrant and eye-catching, perfect for pairing up with avant garde ensembles.
copper red hair Copper Red - Red is appearing on the trend radar frequently in 2012. Copper red is a beautiful variation, with light-catching tones that will have you practically glowing in the sunlight.Photo Source
chocolate brown Chocolate Brown - This delectable chocolate color looks fabulous with just about any skin tone, making it very versatile for the average woman. Play it up or wear it casually, it will still maintain a unique edge.
rainbow Rainbow - This explosion of color is a feast for the eyes! This is just one of the many hair color ideas that will have jaws dropping! Experiment with vibrant rainbow hues this summer!