Funky Hair Color Ideas 2012

If you’re beginning to bore of the natural hair colors available to you, and long for something eccentric and different, try out one of these funky hair color ideas! Spice up your personal style with a streak of blue or long, purple locks. Many women tend to think of unnatural hair colors (such as purple, blue, and pink) as reserved only for the young and wild. In reality, there are many hairstyles that you can adopt as your own whilst maintaining a sophisticated appearance. In my opinion, life’s too short to stay natural! Experiment with colors and styles, and live up to your hair potential!

Color streaks- Pick any color of the rainbow to streak the undersides of your hair. It’s a fresh way to spice up a drab hairstyle. You can either streak only one underside (for minimal color maintenance), or even it out with a second to match on the other side.
Peek-a-boo highlights- These vibrant purple highlights are layered and camouflaged within the red locks. It is perfect in the way that red and purple are complementary colors, and work together marvelously for this fiery look.
Black with white/grey highlights- Apply white or grey streaks to black hair for a subtle punk look. Try to keep the streaks thin, to avoid taking on a “skunk” appearance.
Purple grey- This is a colorful variation of the grey hair trend that has made itself prominent in the last year. It’s purple tint is a perfect style for women who favor the retro trend (think “Mad Men”).
Two-toned- Embrace your inner Cruella de Vil by dying your locks “half and half”. Pick one dark and one light color to evenly dye throughout your hair in large pieces, occasionally overlapping.
Two-toned bangs- Spice up your bangs using two contrasting colors for a unique look.
Neon-colored hair - Dye the tips of your hair, all the way around your head, a neon shade. Bright shades contrast marvelously when paired with light hair.
Color Infusion-Embrace your inner mermaid and opt for a bright color to add to your long brunette tresses. In order to avoid the “dip-dyed” trend, dye the color at uneven lengths around your hair.
Purple- Purple is a color that complements a variety of skin tones, making it one of the most versatile “funky” colors.  On top of that, there are many shades of purple to choose from; from dark purple (bordering on black) to a lavender shade. For a less daring look, try adding streaks of purple to brunette hair.
Lioness- To achieve this look, you must start with a bleached platinum blonde, adding streaks of orange and brown. With this slightly animalistic color palette, you’ll be the lioness that everyone’s talking about.
Aquamarine- For the daring people out there, this is an ideal color. The brilliancy of the blue-green color is enough to attract the eyes of passersby and provide you with a truly unique hairstyle.
Blue gradient- Starting with a bleached blonde base, you can dye your hair this gradient shade of blue. With sky blue at the roots, subtly evolving into a more aquamarine green at the tips, this is a truly unique coloring idea.
Color-striped- So you want to rock Harajuku Barbie’s look? Keep in mind that Nicki wears wigs, so if you want this striped style, you’re going to have to commit.
Poison Ivy- Channel the infamous Poison Ivy, and all of her sultry glamour into this green hue. Play up your eyes and curl your hair to optimize this extremely unique color that can remain sexy and attractive.
Multi-colored- Spice up your hair with this color explosion! Tone down the vibrant colors with a top layer of brown, generously adding streaks of colors to the undersides.
Cotton Candy – Don this girly shade for the ultimate funky hair color! It’s the cutest color by far, and perfect for a quirky, confident woman.
Keep in mind, dying your hair is not a necessary step in achieving these funky colors. Extensions are available in almost any color under the sun, and compatible with every hair type! Find more hair color ideas here