Brown Hair Color Ideas 2012

Brown is a color that almost anyone can pull off successfully. Rich chocolate to light, ash brown, these colors will have natural brunettes (and any other lady, of course) running to the salon for a new and rejuvenated shade.

Ash brown- Ash brown is a very popular color, because it is so natural. It’s a safe color to go to when versatility is your number one priority.
Auburn- Auburn is unique in the fact that it catches highlights of gold, orange, and red in the sunlight. It’s a very majestic coloring choice.
Ultra-Dark brown- You have to be careful with colors like this. If your natural color is light, then dying your hair such a dark shade will give the illusion of having thin hair.
Party Girl brown- This unique color is suited best for a social, party girl, with a light shade of brown mixed with a bit of blonde.
Mahogany- Mahogany is not a very conventional brown shade, as it borders on red. It is beautiful nonetheless, with its blast of color that will have you turning heads.
Honey brown- For those with chestnut brown hair, you can add beige-blonde highlights for this honeyed look.
Dark brown with auburn highlights- This is a slightly lighter version of “Ultra-Dark Brown”. It combines a basic dark brown with lots of lighter brown highlights, for a glamorous look.
Chocolate brown with caramel highlights- Eva Longoria is famous for her sultry locks decked out in chocolate brown with caramel highlights, making for a scrumptious hairdo.
Dark to light brown- The Kardashian sisters all have stunning brown hair, with shine that most women would trade a kidney for. Khloe’s locks are particularly stunning in the way that they gradually change from dark at the root, to a lighter, chestnut color at the tip.
Dark brown- This consistent dark brown looks great with every skin tone. Lea Michele stays true to one color, not throwing any highlights into the mix. This color is fabulous, and can look red carpet-worthy in a matter of minutes.

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