23 Short Hairstyles For 2012: Sexy And Bold

Summer months make all of us want to throw our hair up into ponytails and our hands up in frustration from humid, sticky weather. Even though you probably love your long locks it may be time for a change. Consider a shorter style for summer months. They will help keep your hair up off your neck and leave you feeling cooler and less sweaty. Short styles don’t have to be boring either. They can be super trendy and sophisticated. Here are some of the hottest short hairstyles around:

bleached short hair Short, choppy styles with lots of texture really bring out strong bone structure. This style looks especially nice on block colors like platinum blondes or bright red hues. To achieve a super piecey texture throughout layered hair, run a pomade throughout your style.(Source: lifeonthecuttingedge)
perfect beachy style This is the perfect beachy style for girls who enjoy being active. You can easily style this cut and make it less matte by adding a shine serum or spray. You could even use a flat iron to create a straighter texture and add sleekness. Add accessories throughout your hair for a more feminine vibe.(Source: bumbleandbumble.co.uk)
Tousled waves Tousled waves look great when they are worn just a few inches about the chin. This is an excellent style for girls who have ashy brown hair colors. Use a texturizing product or wave enhancing product throughout all of your hair and let it air dry for a great finish.(Source: www.theglamourai.com)
This style is very bold This style is very bold and it may not work on everything. Even though a bold block of color down the center creates a stylish contrast, wearing this style in hair that is all one color will be much more versatile and office appropriate. Try wearing the top section in different directions to mix things up.
Super short styles Super short styles like this one may not be for everyone. If you have more masculine features this will give you more of an androgynous style. Softer, more feminine features like big eyes and full lips will really stand out with this sort of hairstyle.(Source: intothegloss.com)
Spiky styles Spiky styles can really add some flair to soft feminine looks. They look fantastic on bold colors and they really suit people with very fair features or really dark features. This style can be worn on people with both strong features and softer features.
sided bang Harsh lines don’t always work well on everyone, but they can add a fun, funky vibe to your style. If you already have strong cheekbones this type of sharp style will work really well and accentuate the shape of your face. Something this precise will require a ton of maintenance.
Short styles with blunt bangs Short styles with blunt bangs look amazing on dark colored hair. By keeping the sides really short on this style you are able to really draw attention to the bangs. These bangs could easily be pulled to the side for an entirely different look.
Shaved styles Shaved styles are truly for bold girls. If you really want to make a statement with short hair, you should try the style on in a makeover program before taking the plunge. Shaved hair will take quite a bit longer to grow back out if you don’t like it so try it on online before you actually get the cut.(Source: fuckyeahgirlswithshorthair.tumblr.com)
Shaggy styles Shaggy styles like Mena Suvari’s can be shaped and styled for a variety of different looks. If you already have a wavy texture in your hair you can easily create fun styles like finger waves. Try this style if you are trying to go for a sassier vibe.(Source: www.dailymakeover.com)
Pixie cuts Pixie cuts are perfect for people with delicate features. They work really well on people with round faces and heart shape faces and they are very flattering on people with fair skin and light eyes and hair. Pixie cuts can be slicked to the side for a more sophisticated style or you can separate the strands for an edgier look.
gradient effect People with short hairstyles can really rock bold colored hues. You can even create a gradient effect for a super trendy look. By adding layers and texture to your hair, bold hues look more dimensional and fresh. Keep color vibrant by touching up hair when it starts to fade.(Source: fashion-at.com)
left sided short hairstyle By keeping short styles short on the sides and longer on top, you are allowing room for a great deal of different looks and styles. You can slick your hair back for a super trendy look or you can swoop it to the side for a more vintage vibe. You can also add a lot of texture for a sassier look.
Emily-Browning-hairstyle Short styles with a straight edge at the bottom look fabulous against fair skin and they work really well on rich dark hair hues. You can easily part this style down the center and tuck the sides behind your ears or you can add barrettes and headbands.
extra volume short hairstyle Having short hair doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice volume. Spritz your roots with a volumizing spray and blowdry your hair in an upward motion to add extra volume to short styles. You can even flip your head over and rub your fingers through your roots to get even more height.
curls to a short style Adding curls to a short style can entirely change up your look. If you decide to curl your hair, you should be extra careful not to burn yourself since it is somewhat difficult to curl short hair. Consider using a curling wand with a heat protectant glove rather than a curling iron.
dip died bang Short styles look amazing when they are broken up with fun colors. If you have a longer layered top section you can add straps of color to peek out through top layers. If you wear a style with shaved sides make sure you get frequent trims to keep your style looking fresh.
choppy, chunky colors Add structure to choppy, chunky colors by creating a textured style. Pomade is a huge asset to girls with short hairstyles because it keeps hair in place and adds an amazing texture. This style is great for girls with small features.
caremel Caramel colored hairstyles with side-swept bangs look fantastic on women with tan or dark skin. Razor cuts can be worn on round or heart-shaped faces and they really frame the eyes. Make sure you know how you want to part your hair so that your stylist can cut it to go with your part.
Braids and short hair Braids are really trendy and most people think you can’t pull them off with short hair, but that couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth. Incorporate braids into short hair by starting at the front and pulling the braids back and pinning them into place. Use pomade if you need to keep hair in place.
bowl cut Bowl cuts can actually look stylish if you trims the ends to eliminate a harsh rounded line. This style looks even better when it is worn straight with the edges flipped up. This is a somewhat masculine style so it will really suit someone with strong features.(source: thesofagator.xanga.com)
bleached hues Bright shades or bleached hues are great for short styles. Since you will be cutting off most of the damaged ends you hair will look and feel healthier than if it is long and chemically treated. Just remember to deep condition your hair at least once a week to keep it in great shape.(Source: tuffbones.tumblr.com)
Audrey Tautou super short cut Super short cuts can look great in any hair texture. People with wavier textures like actress, Audrey Tautou, can look fabulous with shorter hairstyles. By cutting the bulk out of hair, curly and wavy textures are much easier to work with.

Short styles actually can be very versatile and manageable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shorter lengths, just get their gradually so that you aren’t overwhelmed with the change. If you have super long hair and shave your hair off it will be a lot harder to cope with than if you were to just cut a few inches off.