16 Cool Hairstyles for Women Over 50

When it came to hair, it used to be that when a lady reached middle age, the only thing to do was to chop off the length and wear it short. But rules were meant to be broken and nowadays, older women over 50 have more hairstyle options than ever. So whether you prefer it pixie short or cascading down your back (or any length in between), there is a style out there that will work with your own hair texture, taste and personal style.

Patti Hansen short hair style

Former model Patti Hansen has always been the quintessential rock ‘n roll woman and she knows that getting older doesn’t mean losing one’s edge. Her layered shaggy crop cut riffs on husband Keith Richard’s 70′s-era hairstyle but is modern enough to not look dated. To get this look, make sure to use a small amount a pomade-type styling product and carefully work through locks while separating pieces apart with your fingers.

Helen Mirren's chin-length bob

Helen Mirren is arguably foxier now than she ever was. She doesn’t try to look younger, as evidenced by her choice to stay gray, rather than dye her hair. Her chin-length bob is cut blunt on the bottom but has featherlight layers around the face. Achieve this yourself with some volumizing mousse at the roots. Blow dry with a big round brush, pulling one-inch sections from the scalp straight out and holding the dryer on them until they are completely dry (even just a little moisture can make your locks frizz out).

Blythe Danner bob

Like Helen Mirren, Blythe Danner knows how to rock a bob. But her longer version just grazes her shoulders. She also has wispy bangs which add a youthful touch to her overall look. If you have thick hair like Blythe, getting your hair this straight takes time and patience. Work a bit of frizz serum (one that also doubles a heat protector) through your hair from root to tip and then smooth over with a flat iron.

Susan Sarandon mid-length hair cut

Still considered one of the sexiest women alive, Susan Sarandon has been known to woo men half her age. Although her hair has varied over the years, today she generally sticks to keeping it reddish, chestnut brown with lots of natural waves. Her mid-length cut has shiny loose curls that can be achieved with a large-barrel curling iron followed by a lightweight hairspray to will hold the shape without sacrificing movement.

hairstyles for older women

This silvery bob is similar to Helen Mirren’s hair but with a few differences. Unlike Helen, this cut has eyebrow grazing bangs that are swept off to the side. Also, while Helen’s is blunt, this style is graduated at the nape of the neck, making the whole shape a bit softer. A large barrel brush will help you get the rounded shape of this style, as well as a smoothing product to keep frizz under control.

Ellen Barkin bob

Ellen Barkin has one of the most coveted hair cuts in Hollywood. Her sharp, shaggy, razored bob works quite well with her thin texture. The bottom is angled, so that it hits higher at the back of the neck than it does in the front, and her side-swept bands look young, hip and chic. To style this cut, while hair is still wet, part it way on the side and comb straight. Let it air drying so as not to add volume; it’s crucial that your locks stay close to your head. When dry, smooth over with a lightweight glossing serum.

Jamie Lee Curtis short cut

Jamie Lee Curtis has been wearing her signature short pixie cut ever since appearing in the film “Trading Places” in 1983. Many women think they cannot pull off hair this short but they might be surprised at how flattering can look (not to mention how low-maintenance it is). It’s basically wash-n-go; all you need is a dab of styling pomade worked through your hair while it’s wet and you’re done!

Very Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

This style is a variation on the Jamie Lee Curtis pixie but has a little bit more length and is styled differently. After washing, work some hair gel over your entire head. While blow-drying, use a brush to “grab” small sections of hair and pull them taut away from the head. Keep your strands standing up by spritzing with strong hold hair spray.

Short hairstyles for older women

Yet another short hairstyle, this ‘do is cut short all around the sides and back, but has wispy little fringe around the ears. Bangs are longer, and brushed to the side. This style is fantastic for women who have thick hair because the layered texture takes off weight. Before drying, part your hair on the side and use a regular brush to sweep your bangs over your forehead.

Michelle Pfeiffer Bronde Hairstyle

Some women have all the luck. Take for instance, Michelle Pfeiffer who in spite of being in her fifties, doesn’t seem to age. Ever. Her gorgeous blonde hair always looks fresh and perfectly tousled, like she is never trying too hard. Curly waves like this can be had by working some styling pomade through your hair and braiding it while it is wet. Once it is dry, carefully unravel your braids. Don’t brush! What you’re left with is lovely loose curls just like Michelle’s. (Photo Source)

Joan Rivers bob

She might laugh about all of the plastic surgery she’s had, but for Joan Rivers, her hair is no joke. Another fan of the bob, Joan’s is pin-straight, one-length, and cut straight across the bottom. If you’re hair isn’t naturally straight, you’ll need a flat iron to get this look. Joan’s hair is also slightly curled under at the tip so when you are ironing your hair, gently turn your wrist under as you make your way to the ends

Catherine Deneuve hairstyle

Catherine Deneuve has been a sex symbol for over fifty years. Her thick, enviable mane of hair has always added to her mystique. Today, she wears her locks long and off her face but with all the volume she has had since the sixties. Get this look with large barrel, heated rollers used on hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days (hair that is squeaky clean won’t hold curls as well). Use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. Wrap one-inch sections of hair around each roller, winding away from the face. Leave rollers in for twenty minutes and then carefully remove.

Holly Hunter long hair

For formal occasions, a twisting up-do, like this one worn by Holly Hunter, is a brilliant way to look chic and elegant if you have long hair. But it does take work, and a some help from someone who knows how to do a French twist. Hair is first pulled to one side in the back, like a low ponytail. Grips are used to hold locks down while the stylist brings the hair back to the other side. She then wraps it around her fingers, pins into place and tucks the ends inside the “twist”.

Marcia Cross long hair style

Raven-haired beauty Marcia Cross has been red carpet royalty since her days on “Melrose Place” in the 1990′s. She doesn’t let being over-50 deter her from wearing her hair long, either. Here, she is wearing a  half-up/half-down look that works for evening or daytime. Just grab all of your hair from the ears up and gently pull it to the back of your head. Secure it with a pretty hair clip. Get waves like Marcia by twisting small sections of hair around fingers and spraying with light-holding hairspray.

Joan Collins bob

Big hair was the only hair to have back during the 1980′s when Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington on the hit show, “Dynasty”. And all of these years later, she still believes that bigger is better! Her hair, a blunt bob curled under at the ends, is layered around the face. Her thick, rounded bangs are lightly teased to give them height. A flat iron will help you get your locks straight. Using a teasing comb, tease your bangs at the roots and spray with hair spray to hold them into place.

Goldie Hawn hairstyle

When too-cute Goldie Hawn was on “Laugh-In”, she wore her hair short and layered. But once she grew it out long, she never went short again. Today, her hair is still that famous shade of sunny beach blonde. She doesn’t let her age dictate the length as it reaches well past her shoulders, with bangs that are adorably messy. Getting this just-rolled-out-of-bed-look is easy: brush hair in the morning, add some frizz serum, playfully rustle it with your hands, and then never touch it for the rest of the day.

Veronica Lake hairstyle

Lots of women have been wearing variations of the long, Veronica Lake hair ‘do for years, just like Patricia Clarkson is doing here. Her version, however, is straighter and has a little flip on the end. To achieve this, wash hair and part it all the way on one side. Blow dry straight; use a flat iron to get it straighter if you must. Use a large round brush to curl out the bottom of your hair while holding your hair dryer on it. Smooth over with pomade to keep frizzies at bay.