5 Anime Hairstyles To Try This Spring

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Anime, as Westerners define it, has been popular for decades in the East, but it was perhaps not until the late 70′s that it began to gain popularity in the West. And as many different shows, books, movies and toys as there have been associated with the genre the one thing almost all of the female characters have in common is some pretty amazing hair.

As they are known for their quirky innovation, the girls and women who immerse themselves in the Japanese street fashion scene have long looked to the ladies anime for inspiration for their own hairstyles. Looking for something a little different for the warmer months we decided to delve a little into this world of anime brought to life and came up with five basic styles that capture the spirit of Japanese animation perfectly but are still not too hard to achieve.

(photo sources: tokyofashion, happytimefunblog)

Big Bangs

A chunkier set of bangs, highlighted with the pastel color of your choice can be an easy way to add a little anime to your do. If you are scared of taking the plunge into actual colored hair dye try out hair pastels instead. Thy are easy to use, relatively inexpensive and although the color they impart is nice and strong it only lasts until the next time you wash your hair.

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Blonde Hair Colors Guide

So you made a decision – you want to go blonde. But you want to do so in a way that looks as natural as possible and is also right ‘on trend.’ There is more to it than you might think though, as you will discover when you begin to look for hair color options.

Blonde is not a single hair color – it’s a wide array of different tones and shades that all have different properties and will suit different skin tones. eye colors and even lifestyles. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular shades of blonde and just what they could do for you in your quest for a great new blonde bombshell look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color

Kim dark blonde Jennifer Aniston Icon Dark Blonde
sara's dark brown ombre blonde hair Dark_Blonde_Hair_Picture_1

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Reds For Angie

We’ve got our first letter in “Answer Expert” show! :) And we are really glad to answer!


I´m Angie and Im really bored about my hairstyle. In this mail I send you a picture of myself and right now I would like to try a change in color but I´m not really sure if could be a huge mistake for my skin tone. COuld you please help me??? The pictures about the hair colors that I would like to try, are also in this mail.

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Victoria Beckham’s Hairstyle Evolutions

It is hard to decide just which of the Beckhams – David or Victoria – have had more different hairstyles over the years because they have both changing their look so often. In the case of the former Posh Spice (also the former Victoria Adams) we have seen the blunt bob she sported during the early Spice Girls years, a look that became so easily associated with the singer that it was dubbed the Pob (short for Posh’s Bob) bleached blonde hippy styles, hair extensions, both good and bad and a variety of shorter cuts and updos. Continue reading